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Phoam's Submarine Data Embedding (SDE) Technology Platform

Phoam is no longer active. All patents and intellectual property have been sold. Thank you.

Submarine Data Embedding, or SDE, is a patented technology that seamlessly embeds an additional channel in any media codec or digital media content.

  • Can extend and enhance codecs — add new functions and upgrade legacy systems.
  • Embeds interactive and social media content, advertising, transactions, widgets, ringtones, casual games, etc., in MP3 audio, MPEG video, VOIP, cell phone conversations, and more.
  • Is backwards and forwards compatible with existing media players and devices.
  • Does not increase file size.

This unique technology embeds large amounts of data while maintaining total compatibility with ISO, ANSI, ITU, etc. standards.

Electronic brochure (1.2M) SDE Technology Platform White Paper (58k) Compressed Data
Patent 6,748,362
Omnibus Steganographic
Patent 6,768,980
MP3 Audio
Patent 7,188,186

Here are some applications we've already developed:

We have placed several hundred kilobytes of advertising, widgets, casual games, merchandising, and other applications in a normal MP3 recorded at 128k bits/sec. We can easily embed data at the rate of 6,000 to 12,000 bits/sec, without affecting the song's playability on any MP3 player, and without increasing the file size. SDE can also easily embed data in other sound formats, including CD-audio, AAC, DTS and AC-3.
Cell Phones
We have embedded a second data stream inside a GSM-encoded audio stream, which can deliver additional advertising, text, games, or interactive content, while the users are talking on the phone. The technology can be easily used with VOIP and other codecs such as ADPCM or the CDMA vocoder. This can provide enormous benefits to cell providers who have large investments in existing infrastructure, but want to offer customers additional services, now.
Compressed video formats are fundamentally transforming the economics of the video industry in the same way MP3's transformed the music industry. We have embedded large quantities of data in an MPEG digital video stream, and are ready now for Internet video distribution with embedded merchandising, advertising, movie trailers, video games, etc. It can easily be applied to VC-1, H.263, and H.264.

We have had three patents granted by the U.S. patent office, with both broad and specific claims, and have one more pending. The patent office confirmed the novelty of our approach by granting us every one of our 36 claims on our omnibus patent, and stated that the prior art "does not disclose or reasonably suggest" our techniques for embedding large amounts of data in media streams.

While traditional steganography methods add considerable noise (1/x, where x is the rate at which data is embedded), our novel techniques add an order of magnitude less noise (only 1/x^2), so that the user's experience is not disrupted. For a more detailed technical explanation, please see the patents or e-mail us using the link below.

SDE consists of a significant body of Intellectual Property and technology, including C, C++, ActionScript, and Java APIs, that we have developed, and that we are selling and/or licensing. We have a Technical Summary and a Technical Manual, which describe the technical details and how to go about integrating our technology components in a variety of systems. We provide consulting services, if need be, to help integrate and exploit this technology. It is simple and easy to integrate SDE technology into any codec by adding only a few lines of code. Please e-mail us for further information or if you are interested in purchasing or licensing SDE.
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