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Phoam Technologies is an Intellectual Property company. We invent and develop technologies, then sell and license them throughout the world.

The team includes:

MIT Physicists — an Invention Hall-of-Famer, Emmy-award winning composer and world-class IP attorney who invented the sonogram and high-definition radar — and an Automation Hall-of-Famer who invented the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the floppy disk and drive, anti-lock brakes, and the hand-held computer terminal;
Multimedia Pioneers — a film, video, and television producer and director whose content was used in one of Apple's first interactive prototypes — and a computer scientist and VR expert who worked with NASA, created the first film on the Web, and standardized VRML for MPEG-4. This team of inventors has well over 100 patents to their credit.

We have developed a suite of digital telecommunications, entertainment, and social media technologies. These patented technologies are both disruptive and counter-disruptive. In other words, they generate whole new businesses, and also help companies adapt and counter new competitive threats.

The Patents are currently the subject of litigation in the Northern District of California in a case entitled Josslyn Motha vs. Time Warner Cable, Inc., Time Warner Cable Enterprises, LLC, Time Warner NY Cable, LLC, Charter Communications, Inc., and Bank of America NA, Defendants, Case 4:16-cv-03585. Download copies of the Complaint from this link:

Complaint with exhibits

    Phoam's SDE technology creates an additional data channel inside any digital media codec without increasing the file size. It provides an engine that can be used for whatever you want. You can transparently upgrade and enhance any type of digital media or codec using Phoam's proprietary patented technology, including MP3, JPEG, MPEG video, H.264, GSM, CDMA, VOIP, facsimile, GIF, CD audio, AAC, etc. This novel technology embeds large amounts of data while maintaining total compatibility with ISO, ANSI, ITU, etc. standards. Anywhere data is quantized or digitized there's an opportunity to use SDE. Things get really interesting when you can turn a basic codec into an intelligent container format which is dynamic and flexible, and adapts to new enterprises.

SDE is fully backwards and forwards compatible, and broadly applicable. Business and industries such as merchandising, advertising, up-sells, widgets, casual games, wallpapers, ring-tones, metadata, mashups, automation control, telematics, network optimization, downloads, interactive music videos, and audio and visual enhancements are all made simple and easy with this breakthrough technology. It integrates seamlessly into several billion-dollar industries, making ubiquity on all kinds of connected digital consumer electronics and media platforms a reasonable and achievable goal. The applications of SDE are only limited by your own imagination.

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